Superior drying performance since 1932

William Spooner revolutionised industrial processes with his forced convection technology.

Since then, Spooner equipment has become synonymous for high performance drying and web handling within the converting industry.

Solutions for any application...

Explore the wide range of products Spooner work with

Designed with energy efficiency at the core.

Reducing the cost to you and our planet

Air flotation

Spooner air flotation dryers ensure excellent process control and quality:-

– Superior web stability

– Even pressure distribution

– Non-contact web handling

– Energy Efficiency

Air impingement

Spooner air impingement dryers offer superior control of the web:-

– Uniform heat transfer

– Even pressure distribution

– Bespoke nozzle design

– Energy efficiency 

Air Turns

Spooner Air Turns ensure stable non-contact turning of the web:-

– Superior web stability.

– Range of radii.

– No width limitation.

– Easy to operate. 

Spooner Plus

Worldwide customer support

You will find Spooner equipment all over the globe and with it our support and maintenance teams.

We offer end-to-end customer support from R&D and Concept Design, through to installation, training and maintenance.

Case Studies

Reduce your gas consumption

Reduce your gas consumption

Minimise your energy losses with a heat recovery system

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No barrier to success with Spooner

No barrier to success with Spooner

Helping eliminate plastic in the fast food industry.

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TAD on New Saint Gobain Line

TAD on New Saint Gobain Line

Spooner to supply TAD and RTO to Saint Gobain.

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